New Orleans Voodoo Snake Dolls

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Aida Wedo Voodoo Snake Dolls

These very special dolls are created with swamp water vines. They can be entwined together or pulled apart as you prefer to visualize them in your spiritual work with Damballah-Wedo and Aida-Wedo.

The serpents in voodoo have a very high place in the pantheon, representing the very nature of fusion and transformation. Like the snake shedding its skin, we can leave the old self and transcend into light and knowledge.

The snake is the Oracle par excellence - transmitting that which is known intuitively. The Serpent is the beginning and the end, alpha & omega as symbolized in Ourosbouros. But the Serpent also stretches himself out to provide us with the necessary bridge across the levels of consciousness so we may travel freely to the Ancestors' realm and into astral planes.

The Serpent wisdom was brought to New Orleans with the Voodoo rites and the great Marie Laveau publicly danced with her snake in Congo Square. To this day, no ritual may take place in New Orleans that is not sealed with a snake dance to celebrate Her and our link to the ancient knowledge. I have had a long personal association with the serpent and it was various manifestations of the serpent that brought me into voodoo. For this reason, I really enjoy making these dolls. They are similar to my original Voodoo dolls in the materials used: spanish moss, yarn, cloth, ribbon etc..

They are a must for serious Voodoo practitioners to embellish the altars, bring the works to a higher level and seal the completion of any ritual very much as the snake dance does.

Damballah-Aida Wedo Voodoo Snake Dolls™: set $70.00

Damballah-Aida Wedo Voodoo Snake Dolls
Price: $70.00 Quantity:
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