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Protection JuJu

Typically in New Orleans Voodoo a JuJu is similar to a mojo bag or Gris-Gris but is mainly used to repel negative energies, evil spirits or to protect from the "evil eye". Protection or Evil Away JuJus can be made for the person to wear on their person, or to hang outside their home, business, even to hang in a car. A reading is strongly suggested so we can ascertain the exact nature of the problem and what is best suited to use in the JuJu and to give it the most power! A Juju can be made from a Rooster's foot or can be a little Spirit-face with a mirror (for instance for a house protection) or can be fashioned from mirrored cloth and filled wtih herbs and power-objects. Some may contain a specific prayer, incantation or mantra as well. For this reason, the JuJu vary greatly in color and style. Below are some examples of Protection JuJu that are typical of New Orleans Voodoo.

Protection JuJu Protection JuJu

Protection JuJu

Rooster Foot JuJu
Spirit Face JuJu
Hand-Stitched JuJu

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