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Below are unsolicited testimonials by clients of Rev. Severina.

We always guard our clients privacy and will not divulge any information about them to anyone.

Whenever I have asked for a ritual of blessings, peace, harmony for me or the entire family, I have ALWAYS felt so much inner calm inside within 3 days of the ritual. I think you also always suggest ritual to the most appropriate Spirit. So it is never not right in my opinion...anyway, I have trusted you for years. I think almost 2 decades now and you have helped me on everything without fail. I can never thank you enough for everything. You are the very best!
M.A. - CA

Your package arrived everything looks and feels very beautiful! Thank you!
A.G. Everett - WA

Good evening Reverend Severina,
I wanted to let you know that the work you did for me has come to fruition ..Thank you very much for your help in all of this. You have been wonderful, but most of all patient with me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You truly have been a blessing and I appreciate everything you've done for my family.
G.G. - Miramar, Fl.A

I do want to start again on Reiki. I have done that for a few months last year and I think it helped a lot. I also want to do an Ancestor's ritual for the wellbeing of my entire family. We have done a few in the past, and they have always been useful.
M.A. - San Diego, CA

And, since the ritual, I have slowly seen a lot of improvement... So, that was a beautiful ritual that helped him out tremendously! Thank you so much! And, thank you also for the weekly Reiki sessions!
L.L. - CA

Distance Reiki offered by Severina is truly therapeutic. I feel so much better after each session. I feel more complete and stronger... After each session my thinking is much clearer and I feel surge of energy. I feel so much stronger mentally and more focused. I would recommend distance Reiki to my friends and family. It truly works.
D.E. Marysville, CA

Hello I've got my package (Queen Marie Flower Essence Spiritual Bath). I will be using it tomorrow just wanted to let you know it looks and smells beautiful and so does the candle thank you again.
S.W. Columbus, OH

Dear Reverend Severina,
Thank you for blessing us with your time and readings, and for your advice. I also loved the peaceful, powerful energy of your home and the amazing historical information you gave me!
C.F. Illinois

Dear Severina,
I cannot begin to tell you how much your REIKI sessions have helped me this past year. I feel that I have overcome the most trials and am now looking at a new posaibilities. My chronic pain is way less and I no longer have the constant anxiety. My new doctor is on board and I am finally on the way to wellness.

Thank you,
D.P. Toms River, N.J.

Dear Rev Severina,
Thank you so much for your wonderful support and advice in the past year, my family, my friends and I have gained so much, many thanks for your love and compassion and blessings! ..We are all so blessed because of your prayers, thanks!
C.W. Vancouver, CA

Thank you so much for the ritual...I really appreciate it. .. We owe you a lot for everything that we have achieved throughout the years. I don't think half of the positive things would have happened without your help! Thanks for delivering our prayers to the Spirits...
M.A. San Diego, CA

Greetings Rev. Severina! Our relationship is progressively healing.. Your services have been amazing, so thank you!

I hope I can finish reading the Voodoo at Cafe Puce, it is a very inspiring and peaceful time reading this book, I felt like I was travelling with you, and my mind was set free. So amazing to know more about Voodoo as a free spirit, you are definitely my role model.
W.C. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Many thanks and blessings to and yours! May The Ancestors, Orisha, and Loa guide you...Your store is nothing short of amazing!!! It's far better than cool beans covered in awesome sauce!! I will most certainly be back soon to buy more of your crazy awesome magical items!
S.G. Temple, TX

Madam Mama Severina, Howdy!.. I am doing much better. So to update you, part of the SSDI case has settled for a lump sum and finally arrived. Second, I was swindled out out a few thousand by a manipulative, dishonest lady that the Gods and angels got back for me. A testimonial of how I am being protected. Thirdly, my court case for the female officer that rear-ended me causing spinal fusion post-surgical aggrevation arrived! yeah!...

I love working with you. you are the Freakin Best! Love you!
J.D. Hollywood, CA

I hope this email finds you well. It has been a long time. I was a client of yours about a year and half ago now... You were very kind to me at the time considering how distraught I was. Its not easy to trust people in your line of work but I felt safe with you at the time and trusted your judgement..the work you had done was great. It seemed to have worked.
G.D. Toronto, CAN

The prayer and (Lunar) bath was such a beautiful experience.
T.G. Ulmer, S.C.

You.. have helped us so much, we appreciate it so much and we are really inspired by it. Thanks you for sharing your knowledge with us. I think the Reiki and herbs go very well together so I am glad you said you are doing more of that. Very synergistic on an emotional/physical level...And really, I feel so balanced...
J & N. M. Wales, U.K.

Dear Severina,
Blessings to you! I wanted you to know that I received the beautiful La Sirena Doll of the Loa and Orisha (Queen Marie Laveau) and she is so well crafted and I appreciate the work you put into making her and having her blessed on your altar.

Thank you for the instructions to work with her and I will prepare my altar for her blessings I am very grateful and thank you! May the love you have shown me be reflected back to you,
Dr. R.P. Los Angeles, California

Thanks so much Ms Singh. Yup, I knew it was the Spirits that surely helped me. Please let Queen Marie Laveau know that I thank her for helping me, but I mostly thank you because you're the one who asked the Spirits to help me.
B.N. Hawthorne CA

Ok great! Thank you so very much. I will do everything that you say with your guidance. (House Cleansing)

Again thank you so very much. You are amazing! K.A. New Orleans

Good Afternoon Reverend,
I have received my dolls and thanks so much, they are big and beautiful, Thanks again and Blessings always.

I want to thank you for the ritual on Saturday. It was such a unique and beautiful experience. We all were so grateful to receive the blessing and learn about your work. I personally felt like a weight was lifted from my chest afterwards, and I can•t tell you how much that meant to me! I think everyone else felt the same way.

Thank you again, and I hope our paths cross in the future!
A.D. Virginia

Thank you for the Reiki sessions. It's certainly having a great effect for me so much more balanced. So it means I can get on with things instead of having to deal with my mood and emotions first. It's very liberating! I can just 'be' instead of searching so I feel a lot more grounded. I can't thank you enough.
N.M - United Kingdom

Thank you Rev. Severina. Everything I've ever received from you has brought nothing but peace and positivity into my life ♥
M.F. Sayville, N.Y

Dear Rev. Severina,
I am finishing my 9 day kit today. It has been wonderful and very relaxing. This may sound random but the flowers in my room are vibrant and alive for 9 days now, this never happened before, they usually die after a week. I feel happier and more energetic.
Thank you very much,

Hello severina. I just wanted to tell you that the ritual you did for me is working! Things are happening in certain ways I can tell. Thank you so much for your help and I will be contacting you soon about another one!

Hello severina, I am so happy that I found You! And with all my heart I thank you for everything you've done and are doing!
D.J. Asheville, N.C

I received the dolls today. They are gorgeous. Thanks again for all your help. ... they are beautiful to look at.
E.C. California

Happy birthday to you. Being your client has always been my joy and you are family to me. You are a great soul that i have seen over the internet, but i believe one day i will bring the cake and birthday gifts to you in person. May you enjoy your birthday and forever i will live to love and cherish you.
C.K. Nairobi, Kenya

Good evening! I received my bath kit today and I just completed bath number one. It was a very spiritual experience for me, very humbling... Thank you so much!

That was an amazing experience!

I feel spiritually cleansed... Light and gave me a beautiful gift. With deepest thanks,
M.S. Maryland

THANK YOU so much ma'am! You're a very good woman & I want to meet you to give you a hug
B.N. L.A. California

This is really priceless information, and reminds me of all the little things I question, but don't make it to email. Thank you so much for the feedback. Blessings.
M.G. Covington, Louisiana

Hi Rev Severina,
Hope you are well. I just wanted to say again thanks for the bath kit. It was fabulous. I really really enjoyed taking the time out to have the baths. I finished them just before my birthday so it really felt like a good time.
N.M. Swansea U.K.

I ordered a love me 9 day bath, I completed the first bath and the next morning I woke up I had 2 messages from the person...! I knew this was from the powerful prayers put into the bath. Severina is amazing at what she does. This is authentic spiritual work....
K.R. Bellevue, WA.

Thank you so much for the reading. You hit in a lot if truthful things... You have an amazing talent to be able to read so well, and I would be honor for you to help me.
A.W. Japan

Hello Rev. Severina!
Thank you so so much for your are such a sweet, lovely soul and it was wonderful to speak with you. I am following all of your followup instructions carefully and your guidance was helpful (from the reading)..I'm looking forward to receiving the gris-gris bags as well. Thank you so much for everything!!!! You're amazing!
E.M. North Carolina

Thank you so much for all your hard work with making the best scented bath salts I've ever used, and my beautiful dolls... I would also recommend you to a friend who needs a little help as well( if that's ok). Thank you again...
A.W. Japan

Hi Rev. Severina,
I've completed my 9 day bath kit and it was amazing! I've been meaning to email you sooner, but my schedule has been hectic. I just wanted to thank you for everything.
D.T. East Orange, N.J

Hi Severina! Just wanted to follow up about the baths. It seems they have worked! Things are finally flowing financially and I got a job offer.. Thanks again for your help.
J.M. Greensboro N.C.

I love the book. You are a super writer. I am always impressed how people can transfer their feelings to paper. I plan to be done with my Doctorate degree next year and you are much more eloquent than I ever will be. My best to you.
A.C. Alexandria VA

I ordered a love me 9 day bath, I completed the first bath and the next morning I woke up I had 2 messages from the person of interest; mind you we hadn't spoken in 2 weeks. My mind was blown away!!! I knew this was from the powerful prayers put into the bath. Severina is amazing at what she does. There has been steady communication between us; we have things to work out but the foundation has been set. This is authentic spiritual work...

Took my first bath today and I loved it thank u so much (from the 9 Day Voodoo Bath Kit).
M.S. Imperial Beach, CA

Hi Rev. Severina,
I just wanted to say thank you for the bath. I'm on my 3rd bath and I'm already feeling a difference. I am not so tense about the situation ... I can't thank you enough for all that you are doing and have done for me and I am finally excited about the future and what's to come. Thank you.
T.H. Louisiana

thanks, so much, I received the beautiful ogun doll on Friday and just looking at it you can feel the power of the orisha..... God bless and we get other dolls in the future

We got the dolls!! I have them to J. last night... She almost started crying. She wants me to tell you that they are absolutely beautiful and that they are the single most special gift anyone has ever given to her. Thank you so much for creating such a great product and making her day super special:) I will be back for more in the future.

Have a blessed day,

I ordered a love me 9 day bath, I completed the first bath and the next morning I woke up I had 2 messages from the person...! I knew this was from the powerful prayers put into the bath. Severina is amazing at what she does. This is authentic spiritual work....
K.R. Bellevue, WA.

I love the book. You are a super writer. I am always impressed how people can transfer their feelings to paper. I plan to be done with my Doctorate degree next year and you are much more eloquent than I ever will be. My best to you.
A.C. Alexandria VA

Hi Severina! Just wanted to follow up about the baths. It seems they have worked! Things are finally flowing financially and I got a job offer..

Thanks again for your help.
J.M. Greensboro N.C.

Thank you so much for all your hard work with making the best scented bath salts I've ever used, and my beautiful dolls... I would also recommend you to a friend who needs a little help.. Thank you again...
A.W. Japan

Hi Rev. Severina,
I've completed my 9 day bath kit and it was amazing! I just wanted to thank you for everything.
D.T. East Orange, N.J

Hello Rev. Severina!
Thank you so so much for your are such a sweet, lovely soul and it was wonderful to speak with you. I am following all of your followup instructions carefully and your guidance was helpful (from the reading)..I'm looking forward to receiving the gris-gris bags as well. Thank you so much for everything!!!! You're amazing!
E.M. North Carolina

Thank you so much for the reading. You hit in a lot if truthful things... You have an amazing talent to be able to read so well, and I would be honor for you to help me.
A.W. Japan

Hi rev Severina,
It's been a little over a week now since I've taken the baths. And I must say I feel WONDERFUL. I truly enjoyed my baths, and everything smelled so lovely. It's like now I'm thinking more clearly I'm more organized... Wishing you and your loved ones a happy healthy sparkling blessed 2014. Thank you for all your help.
S.E. Curacao. N.A.

Hello there Reverend! We just thought that we'd send you an email to thank you for everything again on Halloween! We'd even talked with several of the people that were present at the ceremony and it is unanimous...we ALL loved it!...many terrific photos of you, the altar, the dancer and the drummers... such a wonderful ceremony. If you need a reference for your services, we'd be more than happy to oblige! OH! Just an FYI that we received our certified wedding license from the great state of LA a few days ago, so that was a most welcome plus.
B.M. Las Vegas, NV.

The kit is so well put together & it does smell so lovely....( 9-day Voodoo Bath kit)..Ur bath is indeed very strong but so far I enjoy it. Thank you...
J.F. Brooklyn, NY.

I just wanted to thank you very much for your amazing reading once again. I've gone back and re-read your email over and over and over during the past few weeks I have seen various details of your reading materialize and manifest in various ways...You have an amazing gift and I have no doubt that I was lead to you for a reason. You came into my life at a very crucial point, and you shed light in a very dark period where I was unable to see anything positive or any possible upside to the direction I was heading in. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done to comfort me.

J.K.Ontario, Canada

WOW, we received a couple of weeks ago and was in process of moving so never opened till last Saturday did not know what to expect at all. Opened and we both were very pleased it is a beautiful work of art thank you so much.
C.H. Baton Rouge, LA.

Thank you for my 9 day voodoo bath set.. I got it today and i must say i loved the smell. Im keeping the box as long as i can to have the sent in my room. I took my first bath this morning and i am feeling lighter and calm:) thanks again!!
L.G. Eunice LA

Hi there!. Sorry It has taken me so long to write you, but I would like to thank you for my bath kit (La Sirena 9-day Voodoo 9-day Bath kit / Evil Away). It was amazing and I am pretty sure it got rid of my ghost. I haven't sensed him since I finished my baths. I appreciate all the time, effort, and product you put into the bath kit. It means a lot to me. Also, It smelled absolutely amazing. Thanks again so much. You have helped ease my home. I hope all is well.
A.C. New Carlisle. IN

I would like a reading on the future and my mum says you are completely genuine and says she can't answer all the questions I keep asking.
A.B. United Kingdom

How have you been doing? I hope you are doing well. I graduated and got my Master in Architecture!... I will be completely done within this month!! I wanted to email you to let you know, because I owe you so much! You have been such a great part of everything wonderful that has been happening in my life. I am so blessed that I was able to have such wonderful services from you. I can never thank you enough for that...
Regards, M.L. San Diego, CA

(To be fair this client worked SO very very LONG and HARD for her well-deserved success. I was happy to bring her efforts to the attention of Queen Marie Laveau and she was blessed with good results but she did her own hard work and followed her dreams with determination and wisdom. As I always say Queen Marie always advises us to push the curtain aside ourselves and then She will bless us and guide us further.)

Hi, The bath smells wonderful! (9 Day Voodoo Bath kit)
O.S. NYC, N.Y.

Hi Reverend Severina,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book, Voodoo At Cafe Puce. After reading it, I decided I wanted to get to know the loa better myself. After doing some research, I set up a small altar next to my door and began to spend time with Papa Legba. I think one of your Papa Legba dolls would be perfect.
P.S. Portland OR.

Many, many thanks Rev. Severina!!!
I started to read it (Voodoo at Cafe Puce) immediately and am hooked! I heard about the book at a get together at an acquaintances and became very curious since I have always been interested of the New Orleans magic. Regards and once again many thanks!
A.G.S. Stockholm, Sweden

Thanks so much. Obatala arrived today. Just gorgeous. How wonderful for Obatala to manifest in this way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
S.C. Madison, WI.

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I have started the 9 day bath ritual you prepared for myself and my son. The energy is so amazing it made me cry! Thank you! Thank you for all of your help and the energy you have brought into my life. I don't feel like I am fighting alone anymore.

Hi Rev. Severina,
I hope you're well. Last year, I made an offering for the June 21-23 ceremony. (St John's Eve) I asked for help in paying for grad school. A few days ago, I was awarded a FULL-tuition (and books) scholarship to a private university to pursue my master's degree. That's pretty much unheard of after undergrad! I'm so thankful!!!

I just wanted to thank-you for the beautiful dolls and the prayer work that goes with them. I'm trully grateful to you and your work.
D.H. Bronx. N.Y.

Hi Rev. Severina,
Thank you dearly for the help and prayers...
T.D. Lawton OK

I just want to say thank you for your newsletter and advice please keep up the fantastic work that you are doing for yourself and others may God Bless thank you

Dear Rev. Severina,
I would like to say thank you...I have ordered a Queen Marie Laveau Doll, Wisdom and Insight candle kit, and my recent purchase, a Snow Angel Doll. Thank you! I feel like I am in a better place spiritually. Thank you! I have also ordered your book in the past, which I continue to read over and over. I go to it as a reference. I have been praying and meditating @ my Ancestors altar, as well as Queen Marie Laveau's altar, everyday. I feel more @ peace. And I am thankful to your services. Especially your newsletter! It isrefreshing! I always read them excitedly, having the desire to serve God, Jesus, and the Spirits well. I thank you sincerely, and will be ordering from you again. I pray you have a blessed New Year day.
T.P. Yeardon PA

Reverend Mother Severena,
..Also, if you recall according to our work we did in regard to me getting back out west to my career, I have to tell you I just recently within the last 4 weeks moved back to Los Angeles county and things are on their way back up. ..I think you are the greatest and will continue my business with you.. I am also looking forward to possibly having you do S. and my wedding as we talked about a few months ago. Thank you and always lots of love and honor.
J.P.D. CA.

Hello! The bath kit has arrived. ...It smells absolutely wonderful. As soon as I open those parcels from you I am like wow!!!! Thank you for all the effort that has gone into preparing it for me. I will really enjoy it....I started the bath kit and it's fabulous. Ah it just smells so wonderful. So many thanks :-)
N.M. Wales. UK

Rev. S: first thank you for the peace and protection bath salts. I feel so calm and stable. I have been reaping so many benefits from the ritual work you've suggested. I can cry again and am moving a lot of stuck grief. But most of all working with the Loa is so much fun! They are like spiritual friends to me.
S.C.Madison WI

I received my 9 day bath ritual today. As many of your other clients have said in testimonials, I am very impressed. When I opened the box a heavenly scent escaped and I was instantly filled with a feeling of peace and serenity. It was very calming. Everything was so fresh and I can tell it was hand crafted. The herbs smelled delightful.They looked like they had been picked and placed in the bag today... I look forward to the seven days of the bath salts and relaxing baths and for the final bath so I can once again smell the wonderful herbs as the water runs over my face and body. Thank you once again.
M.H. Houston TX

I always look forward to the newsletter and I'm grateful for Your work!

thank you for the beautiful dolls you sent to me...what power they contain.....Queen Marie She is beautiful and legba what powers he possesses. i hope to be staying in touch with you and purchase things along the way that i may need to enhance my abilities..Thanks for being a new friend! the dolls are beautiful...
R.C.S Rome GA

I love getting packages from you. They're like presents from spirit. I finished the book last night... What a gift!
S.C. Madison, WI

(Bridal) Shower went wonderful your gifts were the hit!!!! everyone loved both the (special order) dolls and baskets and wanted to hear all about you and wanted the business cards which I gave them!!!! We had a lot of fun.
C.K. Columbus,OH

Rev. Severina your products are real nice, just real, real, real, nice. Again I thank you for helping me.
V.R. Michigan

Received the dolls...they are AWESOME! Thank you for sending them so promptly.
M.R. Natchitoches, LA

Thank you for your inflence and kind spirit.Things have been turning around for the positive.I will keep you posted,you are truely a blessing.
C.H. Chicago. IL

Greetings Rev. Severina,
I received the two dolls today, and all I can say is WOW! They truly are awesome! I am very impressed, and I wanted to say thank you for your heartfelt and spiritually guided work! I can hardly wait to give them to my Mom. They are, and will be the perfect gift for her. Thank you again, Tye em' & Fly em' C.E.

Hello Rev.Severina,
Wanted to thank you again for the wonderfully crafted Orisha dolls. They arrived safe and sound; and are everything I could have hoped for. They have found a place in my home and heart.

Thanks again,
J.B. South Korea

Oh Chere Rev Severina, the newsletter is beautiful, the energy of it. Gracias otra vez.

I just want to say that i got the dolls today, and i am very surprised because they are a beautiful piece of art.

Thanks soo much again,
M.O. Yokohama

hello! Wishing you a happy & healthy holiday season! Would like to thank you & inform you on how very acurate ur reading was
A. L-R. New Jersey.

Last July, I had my second consultation with you (first was in 2005), and I'm writing to tell you about the marvelous things that have happened since. At the time, I was battling a very severe depression, and I felt as if I was at the end of this life's journey. Per your suggestion, I ordered the 9-day voodoo bath kit... Well, although I'd suffered from severe depression for 10 years (ever since I was 14), it virtually went away by the end of last year. Vanished. ..I'm thankful to report that I'm still well.. Also, on January 17 of this year, I offered a small donation for the Ogun feast day. I prayed for "a work opportunity, a meaningful career, and full-time, permanent employment." I had been out of work since August 2009. On February 10, I began my new job... I believe in what you do. And I just submitted donations for two upcoming ceremonies on September 7/Yemaya and September 8/Oshun.
Thank you, J.N.G.

Hi Rev. Severina,
Your reading is accurate and help my identify my problems, thanks. I wish you all the best :)

CPY - Singapore

Merci beaucoup. I appreciate all of the info that you sent and will certainly flow with the sacred vibrations of LOVE & HEALING. My family always gives to the ANCESTORS first. And so we remember all those who suffered during the Inquisition. We pray for the end of intolerance and all injustices. Blessings on all of Earth's Children. BENDICION!!!!!!!!! Y Paz!!!!!!

I can feel it like clock work at 11:00 something happens the leg feels better and a well being and calmness enters and it seem better ...- glad you suggested this my dear friend as it is a great help I start smiling and feeling better ...said to myself we must keep this going and get well the dr. stuff is not working as good as this maybe the two of them can really heal this.
C.K. Columbus,OH

I received the box of VOODOO DOLLS today. Thank you so much. All I can say is WOW! They are beautiful to say the least. I gotta tell ya girl-you really do create the nicest dolls. I had no idea they would be so nice. I picked one of the Queen Marie dolls up and actually held it to my chest and asked her for her blessing to make my work in her honor succeed. Again thank you and bless your heart.
D.R. Northwoods, OH

La Sirena your 9-DAY VOODOO BATH KIT is wonderful, first day (she) called me and told me that she wants to see me, this was a wonderful surprise for me.

Thank you and best regards,
A.B. Grosseto, Italy

I just started Voodoo at Cafe Puce and so far I am loving the book. I can't wait to get home tonight so I can continue reading it. It has given me answers to many questions and I look forward to the rest of the book.
R.H. Paris, TX.

Hi Severina,
I want to start by thanking you for your kind words and very accurate reading. I have only talked to you twice in the past 3 years, but every time I do, I feel so much better afterwards. Your reading has given me hope and encouragement to make a change in my life. You have been a big part of everything good that has happened in my life. I truly feel that with you and the Spirits by my side, I can open new doors. Thank for all you do:)
M.L. San Diego. CA

Thank you so much i will bo ordering from you more often. i love your website it is amazing.

The charm pentdant (Alligator Tooth) came in the mail today. It was amazeing. I love the way it looks on me and i sure it will serve it purpose for a long time thank you so much.
R.S. Richmond. VA.

Your reading was absolutely right and everything you said is happening,
L.D. Beaverton, OR.

Rev. Severina,
I enjoy your products and am looking forward to receiving the Success Ritual Bath. Thank you very much for the time and care that you put into your products.
R.C. Hanover. MD.

Dear Rev severina:
Thanks.... Queen Marie Laveau is so beautiful.
S.B. Staten Island, NY

Hello Severina,
The Ancestors Doll arrived in good condition..I like the "Picture" and it suits very good in my room! It is very beautiful made!! ...

A.P, Portugal

The Gris gris bag you did for me....has done wonders for us..Thank you so much.
J.B. Pittsburgh, PA.

Hello Severina
I am not sure whether you remember me or not...My name is M.L and I used to request your services 2-3 years ago. I started with a phone consultation with you. I had financial problems at the time and also I wanted a commitment from my boyfriend. After I talked to you, my boyfriend proposed to me (that was 2 years ago) and we've been happily married for 1 year now:)

I contacted you again in 2005 because I had some financial problems and work was a little bit slow. You did for me that 9 days bath ritual. I followed the instructions to the letter and took that bath. Ever since then, my finances have improved tremendously and my work/business has flourished.

Severina, you're one of a kind. You're a life saver. I am forever grateful for all the good things you've brought into my life.

Thank you
M.L. California.

I received my wonderful products on Monday and Monday night had one of the BEST spell castings ever. It was incredible. Your candles are awesome.... Today, I just put on the Royal Kush perfume... I experience it indescribable. It feels hot in the places I put it on and it definitely has a very different vibration than I do (a much higher).
GT. Seattle. WA

Dear Rev. Severina,
I received the book and enjoyed it immensely. I gobbled it up in one afternoon and evening - so enjoyable and interesting!...

The pictures were wonderful, and the story itself was incredible. What a journey! I dreampt of it all night, and woke up this morning, the book on my mind. A very good investment for study. I doubt there is anything at all like it anywhere else...... I just cannot fully tell how much I enjoyed it. I read it quickly, and will go back to re-read it again. Very useful, and very beautiful. Thank you for the recommendation.
A.W. Evansville. WY

Hi Rev. Severina,
I would like to have you make a strand of beads... to honor the spirit Dani Blanc.<

I received a candle spell "Mirror of Truth" from you in January with an incantation to Dani Blanc, I must tell you this spell began to work the very day I received it! The spell was very powerful and brought several revelations regarding the specific issue I intended-thank you very much!

A.P. Greensburgh, PA.

I loved your book - just seemed like you got this whole spectrum of emotions when your reading it you know. Amazing
N.H. Wales. UK

The candles were very relaxing and the scent of everything when I open the box gave me a soothing feeling over my body. I enjoyed my mediation.

Thank you,
C.W. Waggaman. LA.

I wanted to let you know that I have been using the bath. I'm feeling better :) . I don't know but I feel like a burden has been lifted and I feel refreshed. I looking forward to the end of the bath ritual sessions.

L.R. New York N.Y.

..Thank you so much! Madame you are wonderful!
M.J. Bronx. NY.


Just a short note to let you know how wonderful you all were. I had a perfect weekend. I spoke to the drummers and let them know how much they were appreciated, but please let them know again how much I enjoyed them. And Rev. Kenneth is a treasure. I could not have had a more perfect wedding....

Again, I am so pleased with the beautiful ceremony. I have some wonderful photos ....Thank you for everything. With my deepest love....
H.S & N.M. South Carolina

Thank you for the beautiful CD of photos. This weekend we attended the wedding of a friend...and we were struck by the dry formalness of the service. You made our ceremony joyous and uplifting. It was a beautiful day. From now on, I refuse to attend any wedding that doesn't include a snake.... I could not help but think of you and your prophecies as I watched the television the last few weeks. Talk about fire and water! Wildfires are popping up everywhere (many hard to contain) in dry areas of the country, while other areas were receiving so much rain that floods are breaching the levees. Thank you, by the way, for the wonderful readings you did for both A & N. ... I know they both appreciate your insight and value your guidance.

You are always in our hearts and minds....
H.S. Greer. S.C.

Hello Rev. Severina,
I have just placed a New Order with you through your website, as I was very impressed with my previous order!
J.J. Rhinelander. WI.

Dear Rev. Severina:
Thanks a lot for your services and your products are fabulous.

God Bless,
S.B. Saten Island, NY

Well I started the 9 day bath ritual last night. It was good And by the way, the bath kit is a beautiful piece of work. I am carrying my gris gris today.....and have followed all instructions. I continue to work with my ancestors daily, and meditate also.....sincerely,
E.J. Vancouver. WA.

Wow wow wow! Queen Marie is SO beautiful. When I opened up the paper I was like amazing - I wanted to cry!!!! Just fabulous. Really - beautiful lace and materials - I can see why you said she was obviously going somewhere nice like a party. And the beads are absoultely stunning Thank you so so much. You are a most amazing and wonderful person.
N.H. Wales. UK

Thank you for your wonderful wanga.... maybe you should call them that, Wonderful Wangas!...
H.S. Greer S.C.

I'm certainly looking forward to the cleansing bath.. it helped in the past and I'm sure it will do the trick again.
N.P. Marblehead, MA.

just finished your book, and it was wonderful to get to accompany you on your journey.....great read..
M.A. Bay St Louis MS.

Hi Severina...
Thank you so much for the most extraordinary day -- we will remember it for the rest of our lives. The entire trip felt like a pivotal moment & the time we spent with you especially so...we are hoping to make new orleans a place we return to time after time.
B.L. New York

Hope this finds you well. I want to thank you for the help you have given me with my situation. ... I decided to wait a bit longer, trusting in the outcome of the readings we did. I am so pleased to tell you that he has returned.
L.C. Alburqueque. N.M.

Dear Rev. Severina,
I really hope that you are well and happy. I spoke to you at Christmas 2005 when you gave an offering on my behalf to help my partner and I through his divorce. This went really well for us and J. and I have been very very happy together since and...We've never been happier. Thank you for all your help... We are getting October and I have found out that I am pregnant. We are very happy..
N.H. Great Britain.

Hello Rev. Severina,
I wanted to follow-up with you and thank you for the wonderful reading and bath kit you made for me a few months ago. ... I had asked you to help me in my hopes of getting pregnant. I used the yemaya kit you sent to me...I am very grateful and happy to report that currently, I am just starting my second trimester of my pregnancy!

Thank you very much...
S.S. MA.

Hi Rev. Severina
... I'm not sure if you remember me right off, but I am young lady who was heart broken over the lost of my ex lover. Well, I am happy to report that she called me ..very much to my surprise! ... I know I owe much of that to you. I've started my bath ritual ..Anyway, again I want to thank you with all my heart. You are the best and I hope to develop a long standing relationship with you for many many years to come.
T.H,. Atlanta, GA

It was a pleasure to find and spend some time readign your words and explorign your website. thank you.
E. N. California

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I love my beads and put them on just as you instructed. Thank you for everything. You're wonderful.

Much love and respect,
K.B. Okhlahoma

Park Cultural Resources Programs
National Park Service
1849 C Street NW (2275)
Washington, DC 20240

Thank you for your contribution to the course by granting us permission to exhibit an image or images in it. The course is designed for cultural resource management professionals, ..who want to learn more about African American cultural heritage, ethnohistory, associated anthropological research and heritage preservation.

Thanks a lot for your amazing products...I found the ritual easy to follow and to do. I especially liked the scent of the bath salt and the oil. Although I haven't used products like these before or ever taken any religious ritual this seriously, I must admit it wasn't as difficult or daunting as I thought it would be. It was in fact enjoyable rather than something one would feel unsure about.
S.H. Newcastle. UK.

Hello Rev Severina,
....Thank you so much for sending me the 9 day bath kit i finish it this tuesday and i felt the difference the same day i began using it.....Thank you for your help
A.A. Alberta. Canada

Dear Rev. Severina.
Hi, my name is M. You helped me a few months ago when I was having problems with my marriage. Thank-you, everything is going much better. Sincerely,
M.C. Frankfurt, KY

... I really like my Marie doll. I also finished reading your book. It was delightful. I felt as though I had been on the journey to Paris. I hope you sell a zillion copies!

With much respect,
A.L. Mobile. AL.

I love your book The writing is enchanting, and the pictures are gorgeous. Your co-author also seems to be an interesting, intelligent, and spritual person as well. What a nice combination of your two perspectives.
S.S. Brookline, MA.

Hello Severina .... I started my the 9 day voodoo bath. It's wonderful. I feel great...
E.J-B. New York.

Dear Rev. Severina,
About a year ago you gave me a wonderful reading and also were very generous with your time to answer many questions I had regarding a research project I was working on for my Master's Degree. I very much

appreciate your time and wisdom.....
S. K., N.Illinois University

Voodoo at Cafe Puce is a stunning literary travel on faith, self-knowledge, and the energy of our own spirits by Rev. Severina Karuna Mayi Singh and Rev. Louis Martinie, two leading authorities on spirituality. This book is an extraordinary retrospective covering the spirits, ancestors, personal development and magical events throughout their travels that exercise both pain and beauty...this book is definitely "the wink in the eye of God".....
Troy Auzenne, OH

I really felt good about my visit with you. I am glad that I finally got to meet you and speak with you. I look forward to getting the Ritual Spell kit when you get it ready...

thanks so much,
M.A. Covington, LA

Hello Rev. Severina,
Thank you so very much for sending me my bath kit. It arrived this morning, and everything inside smells and looks beautiful, and I can feel the energy coming from the items as I pulled them out of the box.

And thank you for your detailed instructions, they are very easy to follow. ... thank you again, I loved my reading and speaking with you.
S.S. Brooklyne. MA

Rev. Severina,
I just wanted to say thank-you so much for everything. You have given me hope again in a world that I once thought was useless! You have opened my eyes and made me realize that there are wonderful things that can finally go right in my life, and I owe it all to you. Thank-you and Bless you. I can't wait to get started and I look forward to what the future brings.


Dear Rev. Severina,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday. I started my bath ritual last night and it was wonderful. Everything is beautiful and smells so good. I will let you know how things turn out. I look forward to a promising future. I am so happy that I found you, you are a blessing! Thank you so much.
Sincerely, M.C. Lexington KY

Hi Rev Severina,
Thank you very much. They are beautiful. I received my order today.

(re: Snake Dolls) Have a blessed New Year....
R.C. Hanover MD.

Dear Rev. Severina,
I just wanted to say THANK-YOU for recommending the 9-day Voodoo Bath Ritual. It brought me wonderful results. My husband and I got back together and things are better than ever.... I am so happy and I just wanted to say thank-you for all your help and advice. This is a new year and I have a feeling that it will be wonderful!

M.C. Frankurt KY

Dear Rev. Severina,
First of all thank you so much giving your time to do the reading for me this evening. Second, thank you for reminding me of my ancestors. I have been busy focusing on my career and family that I have already forgotten about them. I will be definitely do what you have advise me too...Thank you again Rev. Severina.
G.C. Chicago IL.

Hello Severina, I hope you're doing well:) Last year (in July), I had a consultation with you over the phone. Your reading was incredibly accurate.... I am very grateful to be with such a wonderful person:) I want to thank you for helping us out.

Thank you!!
M.L. California

Hi Rev Severina.
Thank you for the prompt shipping. The items are beautiful and they smell so good!!!! I was mesmerized!!!!
J.J.K. Chicago.IL

Hello, Rev. Severina!
...I trusted that you were doing what needed to be done, and that you are working with spirits whose timetable is not necessarily ours. ... Thank you so much for your time and gifts! Even after having the reading with you, I began to feel a shift in the atmosphere. And having used items you've created before, I know that they're fashioned with knowledge and spiritual guidance. You're great!
N.P. Marblehead, MA.

We love your site and the gifts that you have to give to others.
T.H. White Bluff. TN.

Hello Rev. Severina,
We met just this past Monday in New Orleans where you did readings for me and my friend C. I just want to say that it was wonderful to meet you. This was my first tarot card reading and I have to say I was amazed at the accuracy of the reading.... Thank you again. I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to meet in person and I hope to speak to you again sometime soon.
D.B. New York.

Hello Severina,
I wanted to let you know that I have just completed 8 baths so far. I still have the last bath to go through tomorrow. They are WONDERFUL! The baths are so relaxing and your products (especially the incense stick) smell sooooooo nice. This is a pleasure!:) ...Thank you again for all of your help!
M.L. San Diego. CA

Rev. Severina,
Good afternoon, I am writing to simply express my gratitude for your spiritual consultation. Indeed, my day has been as pleasant as it was while (and after) conversing with you over the telephone on yesterday. It was remarkable to see just how much was known about my life--the past, present, and future--and how many things were confirmed. This was my very first reading--ever--and it was truly a unique and deeply profound experience. I hope to be able to continue working with you...
N. G.

Hi Rev. Severina,
... I want to thank you again for introducing me to Maman Brigitte, It has been a wonderful experience. .. Thanks again for being such a blessing! Love,
D.M. CA.

Hello Severina,
I wanted to email you to thank you for all of your help. The 9 days bath for success and money were great. They were so pleasant. It was an amazing experience. And I can see that good things are starting to happen for me. I am starting to make more money and getting more business. I also got 2 very good job opportunities. I am very happy that things are finally starting to look good... Thank you with all of my heart:) I wish you lots of happy and great things in your life.
M.L. San Diego. CA

T.A. OH.

Dear Rev. Severina, The "boys" are so beautiful, you are amazing! And the energy I feel is very amazing & different in each. Thank you for putting so much time & love into them! I will enjoy praying with them. Love,

The "boys" referred to are Eleggua and Ogun - see Dolls of the Loa and Orisha.

I would like to thank you and Rev. Kenneth for doing this ceremony for us... It is the most beautiful experience - we will never forget it. Thanks so much for everything...
W.M.V. Calgary.Canada

Dear Reverend Severina,
K. and I wish to thank you for our reading while we were in New Orleans.We both felt the readings were very accurate and insightful ... We did want to thank you for your time and your vision.

All the best wishes to you,
J. & K. Boston. MA.

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful tour. It was really interesting to learn about the exciting people and places that are related to this most charming city of yours. And the voodoo was just amazing.... I wish you the best of luck with your work, you are truly an exceptionally good tour guide and an interesting person. I hope to see you again some time. All the best.
Halvor Heger. Oslo, Norway

Just to say I have just reveived the lovely dolls you have sent me. Thank you very much for these and I'm sure they will attract good energies for me in London and they will look nice in my apartment. I have been carrying the fast luck gris-gris bag with me for a long time now and I am convinced that it has attracted auspicious energies...I have progressed in my career. There has definately has been a generally good feel-good factor since I've had the dolls you have previously made for me for our house..and I'm sure they will continue to attract positive energies.

Anyway, thank you once again for making those lovely dolls for me and I hope we will meet one day. Kind regards,
W.T. London

Hello Rev. Severina,
A while back I had a consultation with you on the telephone ... You sent me the 9 day ritual love bath kit and I must tell you that it was so awesome!! I couldn't believe how beautiful it all smelled and looked! I especially love the oil!! The Wanga doll is absolutely gorgeous and again everything smelled so beautiful!! The baths were so wonderful and I felt as the time went by, that I was regaining my strength and empowerment... you comforted me and when I received the bath kit, I was so so pleased with it. Thank you so much. I would love to do business with you again.
R.C. Scottsbluff, NE.

Dear Severina
I was just reading through all of the Emails that I had over the months after your consultations. After talking to various people and no one able to help me.. suddenly today as I lit my candle to Elegua to just meditate and be heard..It came to me. One person has and thats you. You have been proven to hold a true power. Thanks for your help and once again you truely have a gift. I look forward to doing work with you.
R. E. Indiana

Hello Rev. Severina,
I just wanted to send you a note and tell you thank you for the consultation you gave me last Thursday evening. I've felt so much better and have had more peace of mind about things since then. Again, I just wanted to thank you so much. You are awesome!! Thank you so much.
R.C. North Carolina

Dear Rev. Severina,
The bath kit I received from you was amazing. Thank you. AXE!
K.A. TX.

Hi Rev Severina,
It was such a pleasure meeting you last Tuesday. I definitely want to order some things you recommended shortly. I really enjoyed the reading and hearing your thoughts. Many Blessings,
A.R. Los Angeles, CA

Hi Severina,
I did the bath yesterday, it felt so awesome I followed the instructions completely. They smell absolutely delicious. 2 Days later, from same client: You will not believe the amazing change in just two days. WOW I am amazed.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
M.P. Florida

I just wanted to say that I received the kit from you the other day. Oh wow!! When I opened up the box it was amazing. Also the doll was so so fantastic and beautiful..
N.H. Great Britain

The Gris Gris my friend D. got for me has kept both me & my motorcycle out of harm's way.
 V.N. TN.

I thought the reading was amazing and very accurate and I felt like directly for me and through me. After the reading, my mind became very clear and I felt a surge of energy.

From same client:
I got my order and I love it, i'm really excited about my package... Everything smells wonderful.
J.C. Ohio

Hello Ma'am, I ordered a doll from you about 2 or 3 months ago and I wanted to get a chance to work with it a little bit before I got back with you and I just want to say it works wonderfully. I finally got my divorce and just like you told me in the consultation Mrs. Laveau has really been helping me out... I do just want to thank you for everything you've done for me so for, I really do appreciate it. Have a blessed day.
D.J. New Mexico

Dear Reverend Severina,
I recieved my package today and let me tell you its the most beautiful smell I've ever smelled. As soon as I opened it I felt this feeling come over my body. Im soooo excited to use it just for the smell alone.


Dear Reverend Severina,
Your 9 day kit is working very well. Thanks for the great product it was worth it. Its opening doors for me to see things with a more clearer prespective. Its helping me release my beauty inside.
R.E. Des Moines, IA.

I received my oil and I love it! It smells so great!!! Thank you so much!

Best Wishes,
B.S. Sulphur, LA


Just got my package today and everything is awesome! Thank you soooooooooooooo much! I will tell all my friends how awesome you are!

L.M. San Francisco. CA.

Good Morning, Rev. Severina,
I received my order yesterday and I am thrilled! The perfume love oil is so sensual and beautiful I am feeling quite aroused and passionate!! My husband loves it. I love it so much I do not want to be without it... You have a gift. The voodoo doll Queen Arabica is quite beautiful. Thank you and blessings...

(From a client who had a Voodoo and shamanic ritual done on his and his mother's behalf):

I'm happy to tell you that I received the stones you sent today I felt really soothed by them - they are really beautiful. if I am feeling down or tired or unwell as soon as I come home I feel almost different - calmer and alot happier and healthier - like an energy has pervaded this whole house. I know that these things are not coincidental and has alot to do with the ritual which I started and my journey with voodoo and of course all your wonderful spiritual work. Mum is doing really well - she's even looking and feeling alot happier - I fully attribute this to God and not in the least the healing you have done for her... having started all this work with you I feel a strong sense of trust in you - and that's real important to me. Just wanted you to know that....I can't wait to meet you in person when I go to New Orleans next year.
T.S.M. Western Australia

Rev Severina-
I just wanted to let you know that C. and I thought the wedding ceremony was wonderful and we thank you and the drummers very much. The ceremony and the altars were beautiful and we are really looking forward to sharing the pictures with family and friends. I hope we can call on you for future rituals and ceremonies and we are looking forward to many years of learning about voodoo. Anyway, everything worked out wonderfully and I also want to thank you for recommending Sweet Olive B & B: those guys were great!

Now I wish to begin working on my shed where I am hoping to have altars to Gran Bois, Ogoun, and Papa Legba.

Well, thanks again so much! 
B & C. Texas.

Dear Rev. Severina, My order just arrived and I am thrilled! The Love Queen Oil is very sensual and quite beautiful. The 9 Day Voodoo Bath Kit is exquisite. The fragrance is so beautiful and the top quality of your doll, oil, bath salts, candle and all that was tucked into the basket is so uplifting that I cannot wait to get stated. Your products are way above the others out on the market and I have placed the mojo bag in my purse. I will let you know the results. You are truly blessed.
J.C. NJ.

Thank soooo much for your reading! I loved talking with you. You are a very nice person and you have a very pleasant voice.
M.L. San Diego. CA.

I have been meaning to write you and say hi and thank you.You are such a nice and beautiful lady. I appreciate the grand tour and the reading.. I am so happy and calm inside, I haven't felt.
J. B. Pittsburgh, PA.

Hi Severina,
I am looking forward to an insightful, powerful reading with you!!!! Last time was pure magic and you were incredibly insightful and accurate. I know that you will be honest with light and dark
CC, California

Hi Rev Severina!
I really enjoyed speaking with you last night also! That was the best reading I have ever had!
L.L . Palm Springs, CA.

Hi Rev Severina,
Received package today. Everything is so beautiful, so thoughtfully packaged, and sooo aromatic! I could feel the Spirit and blessing surrounding me when I opened the box. What a gift you have been bestowed! And just think I haven't used anything yet...but I have this feeling that the oh so wonderful presentation is only just the beginning. I took a whiff of the Aromagick oil THIS is OIL! I know I am in for a real treat. Thank you for sharing your blessings from Spirit with me.
L.T. Birmingham AL.

P.S. This email can't properly convey how absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring these products are. This is magick at it's finest!!!!!!!

Update from same client:
Today is the day of my 9th bath. All the baths have been wonderful..a truly spiritual time for me..with much thought and pondering over all that you must go through to do this kind of offering. The first bath is one I shall never forget...AWESOME.

... Your timing was perfect as last year at this time in New Orleans, I saw you at the Monteleone Hotel for a reading. Most of your reading predicted this project which I got right after I returned home from New Orleans last year...

With Love and Prayers,
C.C. California

Dear Rev,
I have just completed the 9 day bath ritual you sent me, the salts and smell were very relaxing. I have made sure to wear my mojo everyday and have noticed some positive things around my day at work and with people.
T.M. Canada.

Re: Maman Brigitte Doll:
I received Maman the other day... and I fell in love instantly. Thank you so much! I feel as though I found a new best friend.
B.S. Lake Charles. LA.

Dear Rev. Severina,
I just would like to say is thank you all you have taught me. I personally can't see myself going to anyone else for help. You just don't know how you answer to my questions have changed me. As yu know I've been thourh a very rough road. And some days it seemed as if everything I loved just fell through the palms of my hands. Now things have changed for the better...Your products have done me well and I'm happy again...once again thanks for your help and let God and the Orisha not only bless my happiness but let them bless the beauty in you.
R.E. IA.

From the same client: (Re: Revelations & Prophecies page)
Just want to bring to your attention: "The King returns his crown before his death" (the proverb for 2003). I bet you know that sadam was captured yesterday. Things like this is what keeps me so faithful in your readings and products. You are so accurate and its heard to believe that anyone else can give me such a clear reading on a personal level. As soon as I talk to you it seems as if you knew me from a little child. You never ask questions you just do your reading and come with the answers. So far everything you have said has came to real life. Keep up the good work Reverend Severine. I have faith in you.

Thanks, R.

Greetings Reverend,
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful dream-gris-gris set. Everything is lovely.

Warm Regards,
S.M. Florida. my uncle.. ordained Bishop and voodoo Priest and I am his niece an ordained Evangelist. We are both born again Christians through Jesus Christ.... I found your website while I was surfing the internetalmost a month ago. I told my uncle about the dolls that you make since he was looking for some authentic voodoo dolls for assistance. He said it was an answer to his prayers and that's when he placed his order for the 4 voodoo dolls you made for him. He is very pleased with the results he has recieved from the dolls made of the orishas and Queen Marie. And he brags about the peace and protection bath on how much better he feels since he has been taking it. We are both glad to have met you. You have been a blessing to us.
A. P. Florida.

Update from same client:
We both loved the 9 day peace and protection bath. It really helped us both alot with the problems we had. My uncle was extrmeley pleased with the results he recieved from the bath. So was I.

Dear Rev. Singh,
The Lousiana Emergency Nurses Association would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation on Healing and Voodoo at our annual educational conference Oct 17-2003. Your talk was the draw for many attending your conference. Your knowledge of the subject was evident and we enjoyed learning from you. You greatly enhanced our program.

Karen Silady. 2003 Education Chair. LCENA.

Rev. Mother Severina,
I received my 9-Day bath set and I cried. It was so beautiful and the packaging was exquisite. It was worth the investment just for the products alone. I really would like to tell you that I appreciate the apparent personal attention that you used for my gift. Everything is a perfect piece of art. I am so happy that God lead me to you.
M.J. California

"Thank you again for the lovely reading. I really enjoyed speaking with you and hearing what you had to say. It was a very enlightening experience. *smile* Thank you again for all your help!"

More from the same client:
"I received my Marie Laveau Doll, and she's lovely! "

L.C. California

"Had a great day yesterday - financial report.. came back.. and my Team performed best. I figure between that piece of good fortune and YOU on my Team - it should be a winning combination ! :) As always - thanks for all of your help, support, and guidance...."

Update from same client:
"When I walked out of that room - I thanked you and Black Hawk and my ancestors over and over again because you had undoubtedly helped me in dramatic fashion. I just can't imagine a better outcome. It was amazing. I know you're not real good about accepting praise - but I hope you realize just how helpful you have been to me. I simply cannot thank you enough. You have dramatically enhanced my life - and I am forever grateful - as my burden ( at least for now :) ) has been lifted. I am so grateful that I found you - and that you took the time to help me. Thank you so very much !"

T.M. Maine

Dear Rev. Severina,
"I just wanted to let you know that Damballah and Aida Wedo arrived safely, and they are adorable!"

Again from the same client:
"The loveliest mermaid I have ever seen turned up on my doorstep today! Thank you so much, you have outdone yourself!"

E.M. California

Dear Severina
I recieved my order yesterday.Everything is beautiful.
S.S. Geneva, Switzerland.

Rev. Severina,
I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that Obatala and the Health and Wealth dolls have just arrived... both look fantastic, especially Obatala, he looks great!
Thanks again for your wonderful work.
R.H. Australia.

Once again, I thank you for your help even though the situation did not go as planned, especially the fact that you followed through so that I could complete everything, which by the way, went very well.

"I had noticed my life starting to make a change for the better, mostly with the fact that my business has begun to do extremely well. It seemed as if this curse always prohibited me and my family from ever being successful with money and finances, and I do believe that has changed for the better thanks to Rev. Kenneth and your help....Thank you once again."
S.C. Texas.

Dear Rev Severina,
"Everything arrived this morning and Im very pleased with it... Things have been going better. Once again my Oshun doll is great....The come to me oil is working great...So along with my Oshun rituals the Come to me Oils and the advice you gave from my reading I think Im like almost to my goal...I carry my gris gris bag has been doing its job.....Well keep up the good work with your shop. And I very greatful Im working with a person like you. Thanks alot for all you have done."

R.E. Iowa.

Rev. Serverina,
Your words and thoughts are very kind and supportive.I appreciate your support and I will continue to ask for help from Loa. My Marie Laveaue doll has been great support as I enjoy her presence in my little alter... I hope someday I¹ll be able to return your kindness.

N.S. California

Just wanted to let you know that I received my bath kit yesterday! I love the way it was put together, really cute.... I've completed the baths and have started using the oil. The very first night (day 9) that I used the oil on myself and his name he called literally within the hour...
A.J. California

I received everything that I ordered from you and everything looked great. Your products looked more authentic than anything I ever ordered...

J.P. MS.

"The very special VOODOO Doll arrived today in good order. What a beauty!Thank you so much. What might interest you: Another friend put a needle into the knee of the DOLL, thinking of her boyfriend. Suddenly he had no more pain."

G.S. Germany

"I was so overwhelmed by the reading yesterday. I read your email and could barely breathe, having chills stand on my body."

N.C. Fla.

Greetings from Minnesota! I was in New Orleans on Monday, and you did a tarot reading for me ... You told me things in my reading that were extremely accurate. First, you mentioned that you saw me going into a new line of work--real estate! .. At the time that just a few weeks before, I had signed up to take a real estate agent licensing course. Also, you foresaw a period of "extreme testing" where I would meet the test quite successfully. The day after I saw you, I returned home to find that my mother was very seriously ill ... It was a horrendously difficult period, but we got through it... it was largely up to me to manage ... during the traumatic period. I guess you could say I passed the test OK.

M.K. Minnesota

As far as I go, everything you predicted came true... Business has been BOOMING!
M.P. Washington.

"Thank you so much for a most spectacular day, one that was definitely meant to be at all moments. I love it when we realize that we were born to have certain experiences and to then live through those experiences, well, it is just ultimately fulfilling."

M.L.- SHANGAI, China

"Our group learned so much about the history of New Orleans. I had lived in New Orleans for 3 years but was not aware of much of the history and legends. The others had never been to the area before and were impressed by the knowledge Severine had about the area and the fascinating way in which she told the story. Our tour greatly added to our enjoyment and appreciation of New Orleans. This is the second group Severine has escorted for me with the same super results."

Iras Gabryel - travel agent

"Your dolls are absolutely gorgeous! Actually, I thought they were the most beautiful dolls I'd ever seen, for sale."

M.L. Artist, New Orleans

"Thank you for sending me your information. It's EXCELLENT! You must also take credit for sharing information gleaned from your own experiences and remarkable knowledge. Your input and e-mail suggestions, and taking the time to make it all happen . . . I will never forget."

Martin V. Australia

"I want to thank-you for all of your help and faith in helping me with this situation... Once again I want to thank-you for all of your help and pray that God's Blessings will remain with you and yours."

"When I received your mailing, I followed your directions as you stated. I feel a sense of positive energy and confidence when I carry the gris-gris on me."

I just wanted to say "Hello" and that all is well... I want to thank-you for all your help and to let you know that you were exactly right with your reading/predictions.

J.R. New Jersey.

"I very much appreciated our brief session yesterday - it gave me a lot of food for thought".

G.R. Headquarter N.A.S.A.

"Thank you for your readings. It's amazing how the things have come out in the readings that always haunted me."

L.B. Australia

"You must know that without your input, my project's chances for success would have been greatly diminished. Your true beliefs were beautifully demonstrated that night when you invited me to witness the libation pouring to the Gods"

B.D. University of Wisconsin. Madison.

"I have just written a thank you note to G. in which I refer to our stay in N.O. as a jewel in my psychic archives. We can but let you know how much we will always appreciate the illuninating experience of participation in the Voodoo ceremony from which we emerge with a real appreciaiton for the ancestral spiritual insights embodied inthe very poetic and evocative rituals. I am indebted to you."

R.V. Santa Monica. Ca

"Twenty four persons participated and were sustained by the Voodoo Priestess and thus protected from evil spirits and demons, we were able to enjoy the rest of our stay in N.O."

H.G. Houston, Tx.

"Thank you for working on our individualized kit. I am standing in the faith that the ancestors will work things ... I have begun prayers at the altar 80% complete at this time. ..altar and ancestors are right over my shoulders. You have made such a difference in my life, Severine. Thank you.

C.M. Oregon

I very much enjoyed meeting you last week and we all enjoyed our readings. I am trying hard to focus!

Rachel. Dallas, Tx.

You were sooooo right! It was a wonderful ceremony and so touching and beautiful. (and I never was forced to cry!!!! YEAH). M. is soooo tickled that he had a voodoo wedding, he is really enjoying telling the story. thank you for making everything go off just like clock work. Carl was great, Louis was great, Pupi was great, Amrita was great, and you were phenomenal!!!!

thank you for everything.
D.B.G. Albuquerque. N.M.

From the Archives of Louis Martinie:

RITUAL: Voodoo Crossroads with Priestess Muslima (severina)
WILL: To the ancestors; in particular Marie Laveau
LOVE: At a benefit at a gay lesbian night club. Ayida Wedo and Damballah particularly strong.
SUCCESS: Well done. It is the seriousness and single minded will Muslima that allowed the rite to be so strong.
COMMENT: Ah! A show/ritual right in the tradition of Msl Laveau. Muslima's unswerving seriousness is the key to the success.

Regarding a trade-show with participation of New Orleans Voodoo Crossroads:

"I want to thank YOU and your entire crew for your hard work during the show. The client was extremely pleased, and your addition to the booth gave T-I the "stand out" presence they were looking for. I heard nothing but praise from all participants."

J.P. California.

I have to tell you how moved I was from the was very much spot on about where I am now and where I am moving to.

M.R. China.

Rev. Severina,
I got the oil today,...this is the finest stuff I've ever smelled. I don't know what's in it, but it smells great, for sure. I have other Voodoo love oils, many of them, actually, but absolutely none of them smell this good. You can expect me to be a repeat customer because I really like the product.

M.G. Indiana.

I enjoyed meeting with you last Tuesday at the Monteleone. I learned so much from you and felt empowered by our meeting. Blessings to you and I will see you the next time we are in New Orleans.

C.C. California.

We just got back to NYC and I'm sending a e-mail to you immediately.

First of all THANK YOU very much for the wonderful knowledgeable tour which you gave to us, it was very nice of you to give us a chance to make such a great ritual with blessing Marie Laveau tomb !!! It was great.

S.K. NewYork, N.Y.

I will say you do make the most beautiful dolls. So far I have Oshun,Ellegua, Obatala and Yemaya and will soon have your Erzulie and La Sirene. Even M. bought an Oshun, Obatala and Queen Marie Laveau. Not even S.'s dolls come close to yours.

J.P. Columbus. MS.

I hope you remember me. I had a reading with you, and then ordered the herbal bundle and bath salts and info on white baths. I finished the 9 days (ritual baths) about a week ago and I have to say that circumstances do seem to be different. I don't feel so burdened, and it's as though there's a "lightness" that wasn't there before. I felt better after the first couple of days, and I'm very impressed! Thank you!

N.P. Massachussetts.

Dear Severina, First i like to thank you for the reading,It all seem to good to be true but well enough to see most of it was very accurate.Some of the thing were very surpriseing to me... All this has brought me to light to a new begining for the better with ease to my mind. I will tell you i'm glad to have met you cuz when i was reading about you i had a very strong presents come over me that you would be the one to go to.I never felt that before but i'm glad that i did. ... I like you to know i'll always ask god to look out for you in every way possible your a good person with a great gift to do only the good for others. Thats a true blessing from god. Again thank you for every thing.

E.C. PA.


L.T. South Carolina.

I have received the package. The (Ancestors) doll is just perfect. Thank you once again for your effort and help. Wish you all the best and hope to come by while being in New Orleans some day maybe:)...

P.W. Poland.

"I thought alot about what you said last night during the reading - as you really made things so much clearer....I'm very grateful I had the opportunity to speak with you - Again thankyou."

T.M. Maine

"Just letting you know I received my Erzulie doll and beads today. And can I just say that she is FANTASIC! I love her! She really does look great. Thank you so much for creating her for me. Thanks again for Erzulie. She truly is beautiful.

R.H. Australia

I would like to thank you for a profound reading. Your reading uplifted me and made me aware ... May God bless you and provide you each day with many blessings as well as wisdom to continue helping others.

V.M. TX.

Thank you for the reading. It was very insightful and offered me some peace.

D.L. PA.

(It was)included in a custom spell kit. I also got a Peace & Protection Voodoo doll. These things are so totally gorgeous...

E.M. CA.

I would like to thank you for a profound reading. Your reading uplifted me and made me aware ... Thanks again for your advice, concern and knowledge. May God bless you and provide you each day with many blessings as well as wisdom to continue helping others.


Thank you for the reading. It was very insightful and offered me some peace... Again thank you for your help.


I also got a Peace and Protection Voodoo doll. These things are so totally gorgeous..


Thank you for your prompt service, my orders arrived in perfect condition and excellent timing. I am a definate returning customer.

T.A. FL. looks as though any damage.. has been mitigated. In fact - some very good things have come my way as a result of your help - and I am exceedingly grateful to you. Anyway - I feel very good about the future again thanks to you... Again -many thanks for your help - you are a godsend!