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    This doll is meant to help you bring your wishes and prayers into reality.

    This doll was channeled to me by Queen Marie's Spirit at the time of St John's Eve 2014 and brings together elements from South Central America and New Orleans Voodoo. We know from genealogical records that there were thriving commercial and cultural exchanges among French and Spanish Creoles in the areas of Vera Cruz and New Orleans in the 18th and 19th centuries. Queen Marie Laveau certainly met with numerous travelers and was keenly aware of prevalent spiritual practices from those regions.

    This traditional stick-and-moss doll is fashioned with colored burlap such as goods would have been shipped in, and is decorated with various items with plenty of room left for you to add your own! Add your 'special charms' or meaningful trinkets by tying them on, sewing them on or gluing them on. To help fulfill your wish, write a prayer on a small piece of parchment paper and tie it with an appropriate color ribbon onto the doll! Red for luck, pink or yellow for love, green for money, black for protection, white for peace, blue for fertility etc..

    In time your doll may be covered with tiny prayers, some answered faster than others!

    You will love seeing your JuJu Wishing Doll all covered with little paper prayers and see how far you've come into accomplishing your goals and realizing your dreams!

    Queen Marie's JuJu Wish Doll

    Queen Marie's JuJu Wish Doll


    Investment: $71.00

    Comes with one sheet of hand-crafted paper and a length of raffia to get you started on your wish-fulfilling journey.

    NOTE: we ship free in the US. E-mail for additional shipping outside the US. Not available to ship to some countries.

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